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École Intuit Lab Bengaluru is one of the four Indian campuses of École Intuit Lab and was established in 2023 in collaboration with Seemore Education.
Known as the Silicon Valley of India, the capital of Karnataka and now the start-up capital of India, Bengaluru is a dynamic city in terms of diversity, ideas and innovation.

Art and Culture

Bengaluru has beautifully combined its rich cultural heritage with its technological and industrial accomplishments. This blend of traditions with the modern culture has made Bengaluru one of the most happening cities in India.

Bengaluru has a mélange of interesting museums that stand as witnesses to the city’s rich past and present, from art and history to archaeology, science and technology. The art and design scene in Bangalore is mostly contemporary. From aerospace design to local handicrafts, the city has an interesting mix of design elements.

Bengaluru as a city is a potpourri of cultures.

Seemore Education

École Intuit Lab Bengaluru is located in Koramangala, an education hub. It is the fourth campus of Ecole Intuit Lab in India. Known as the Silicon Valley of India and now the start-up capital of India, Bengaluru has rapidly evolved into a ‘design and creativity hub’. The city has a strong pool of talent, a thriving tech & start-up culture which creates a perfect ecosystem for design & digital innovation. The Bengaluru campus imbibes the same spirit of experimentation, innovation and creativity.

Team of the Design School in Bengaluru

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Madhu Amodia

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Explore the World

Our vast international network, and our belief that we all have not one, but many cultures, means that we offer a host of opportunities for our students to interact with the rest of the world. We organise travel, international exchanges and internships, as well as bring international faculty, professionals and clients to our campus to work alongside the students on projects.

Our vast international network, and our belief that we all have not one, but many cultures, means that we offer a host of opportunities for our students to interact with the rest of the world. We organise travel, international exchanges and internships, as well as bring international faculty, professionals and clients to our campus to work alongside the students on projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intuit Lab is an establishment that fosters critical thinking, assimilation, and a keen understanding of design and the digital sphere. The Intuit Lab Institute of Bengaluru stands as one of the four Indian branches of Intuit Lab, instituted in 2023 in collaboration with Seemore Education.
Bengaluru, often dubbed as India’s Silicon Valley and now the hub for the country’s budding innovative enterprises, pulsates with creative verve due to its melting pot of diversity, trailblazing ideas, and entrepreneurial flair. The city adeptly marries its deep-seated cultural legacy with its tech-forward and enterprising advancements. This blend of the yesteryears with contemporary strides makes Bengaluru one of India’s most bustling metros.
Boasting an eclectic array of museums, Bengaluru narrates a tapestry-rich tale spanning from art and culture to history, from archaeology to the frontiers of science and tech. The city’s art and design milieu is decidedly modern, swaying between cutting-edge innovations and time-honoured artisanal crafts. Indeed, Bengaluru is a cultural kaleidoscope.

The campus is located at the precise address :
No 8 , Sony Signal, 80 Feet Road , Koramangala 560034, Bengaluru

• Eligibility Guidelines :

o Applicants should have completed grade 12 or its equivalent.
O Enthusiasts with a penchant for design and natural artistic ability are ideal candidates.
O Transitioning students from other visual arts or design courses are also encouraged to apply. (For additional insights, please connect with our admissions committee.)

• Application Steps :

o Online Entry : Begin your path with us by completing our electronic form.

• Submission Essentials :

o Forward your Grade 12 achievements.
O Furnish a verifiable residential proof.
O Application Charge : Finalize your submission by settling the requisite fee.
O Artistic Evaluation : Sign up and undergo our custom exam designed to measure your design acumen.
O Individual Interaction : Set up a dialogue with our specialized panel.
O Portfolio Display: Possessing a curated design assortment can strengthen your candidacy. Note : This is obligatory for those shifting from a different course in their second year or later.
O Embark on your enriching design journey with us !

Indeed, with our pronounced global footprint and our commitment to celebrating a diversity of cultures, we provide our students with the chance to expand their horizons internationally. We organize trips, forge global ties, and provide hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, we host experts, industry leaders, and partners from across the spectrum to collaborate closely with our students on an array of initiatives.

The courses available on the Bengaluru campus are as follows :

  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia & Visual Communication (Graphic Design)
  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia & Game Art & Design
  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia & Digital Product Design (UI/UX)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising, Design & Digital Communication
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Technology & Design
  • Short Term Programs

In a friendly atmosphere, we emphasize individual relationships and personal growth. To us, Intuit Lab isn’t just a design institution: it’s a platform for evolution, a wellspring of artistic inspiration, and a space for fruitful dialogues with experts in the field. It’s a haven for forward-thinkers, where ideas are sown, nurtured, and come to fruition through collaborative effort.

In this setting, enduring bonds are formed, strengthened by team unity, a bustling student life, and genuine engagements with the professional realm. These sturdy ties carve out a milieu that’s both tranquil and vibrant, conducive to self-discovery.

We urge our students to delve into global endeavors, immersing them in a myriad of cultures, perspectives, and methods, guiding them towards a pivotal role in an ever-globalizing world. At Intuit Lab, our teaching approach leans towards experiential learning. Hence, our campus is abuzz with events, workshops, student collectives, professional meet-ups, and career prospects. We bank on creativity, team synergy, and networking to steer our students into turning their talents into accomplished career paths.

As an international benchmark in design, we facilitate exchange programs, educational trips, and host experts, renowned industry figures, and partners from across the globe to work closely with our students on a host of innovative projects.

Premier Design Courses at École Intuit Lab Bengaluru

École Intuit Lab Bengaluru, the newest addition to the prestigious École Intuit Lab campuses in India, was established in 2023 in the heart of India’s tech and startup hub, in partnership with Seemore Education. Located in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, often hailed as the Silicon Valley of India, the school offers an environment that encourages innovation and forward-thinking. The curriculum is designed to reflect the city’s dynamic diversity and drive for technological advancement, providing students with an immersive experience in design and digital expertise. Bengaluru’s emergence as a leading design and creativity hub is mirrored in the campus’s approach to education, blending rigorous academic frameworks with the spirit of experimentation. Students here are not just trained in design principles but are also instilled with an entrepreneurial mindset, preparing them to thrive in the world’s fastest-growing start-up ecosystem.


Blending Culture with Innovation in Design Education

Bengaluru’s rich tapestry of culture and innovation serves as the perfect backdrop for students at École Intuit Lab Bengaluru to explore and expand their creative horizons. The city’s seamless integration of a traditional heritage with a progressive mindset reflects in the school’s philosophy, which places an emphasis on nurturing design professionals who are culturally attuned and technologically adept. This campus offers state-of-the-art facilities and an educational ethos steeped in the local milieu, which is a hotbed for technological and artistic fusion. From aerospace to local crafts, the city’s design narrative informs the pedagogy at École Intuit Lab, facilitating a broad spectrum of courses that prepare students to excel across various facets of the creative industry. The Bengaluru campus embodies this spirit, enabling students to learn and create designs that resonate with a global audience while being rooted in local sensibilities.


École Intuit Lab Bengaluru: A Gateway to Global Design Opportunities

École Intuit Lab Bengaluru not only draws on the city’s status as a cradle of diversity and innovation but also offers its students a gateway to global design opportunities. The institution’s expansive international network, underpinned by a belief in the richness of multiple cultures, allows for a multitude of cross-cultural exchanges, international internships, and collaborations with a global cadre of faculty and professionals. This exposure ensures that students graduate with a portfolio that is both locally grounded and internationally relevant. As the city buzzes with the energy of startups and tech giants, students at École Intuit Lab are uniquely positioned to transform their creative ideas into tangible designs that lead digital and design revolutions, both in India and around the world. The campus’s commitment to internationalism fosters a learning atmosphere where cultural exchange is just as integral as academic and creative development.