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Is Design & Technology interplay integral in the new world ? Is design evolving as fast as the world is with Metaverse ?

To answer these questions we need to design education for the real world. We needed to associate with an education brand who is in the forefront of progressive design education globally. École Intuit Lab is an education methodology which will help us decode a lot of these questions which are faced by the new era.

To tell meaningful stories today, designers need to be authentic.

We need to have a progressive perspective to deal with the information and the many possibilities that come along with it. This means that our mind must rise to an abstraction level where it can recognise and feel to create connections.

Creativity needs to have an open mind in today’s time.

We must constantly challenge and let our brain learn with new insights, new experiences and new challenges outside our comfort zone. Because we need to see beyond the obvious.

Designers need to pay attention to the meaning, intuitive usage & digital experiences that make users feel they are interacting with a person instead of a machine. Design can create role models for the future if we learn to make ourselves familiar with the new technologies and use it more effectively to create a more “human” world.

Immersive experience, tech-play, micro learning and agility will be an integral part of learning in the future and of our programs as the new technologies are also shaping the design trends.

Our methodology majorly focuses on the Human-First approach, In the future that will define your work. Our content is designed to meet the needs of today’s industry and is delivered by industry professionals.


Co-Founders, Seemore Education 

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