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École Intuit Lab India's first campus founded in 2011, École Intuit Lab Mumbai is a French institute of design, digital and strategy.

As the financial centre of India, this island offers everything from tea by the sea and historical market lanes to a bubbling entrepreneurial economy spilling with opportunities for young graduates. Global design and advertising legends service clients across the country, and globe, from this melting pot of energy.

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Mumbai hosts historic spaces such as the Jehangir Art Gallery and the National Asiatic Society of Bombay, Mumbaikar culture offers art lovers a large space for creative inspiration and innovation. Walls of graffiti along local train stations and picturesque carvings at major sites add to the artistic vibe of the city. An international and cosmopolitan megalopolis, Mumbai's economic importance provides the city with intense social and cultural diversity. Cultural life is overflowing there: concerts, galleries, street art, worship centers ... The artistic scene is constantly evolving.

Mumbai is also home to one of the world's largest film industries, Bollywood.

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Explore the World

Our vast international network, and our belief that we all have not one, but many cultures, means that we offer a host of opportunities for our students to interact with the rest of the world. We organise travel, international exchanges and internships, as well as bring international faculty, professionals and clients to our campus to work alongside the students on projects.

Our vast international network, and our belief that we all have not one, but many cultures, means that we offer a host of opportunities for our students to interact with the rest of the world. We organise travel, international exchanges and internships, as well as bring international faculty, professionals and clients to our campus to work alongside the students on projects.
Admissions Open!

Admissions Open!

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École Intuit Lab
DGP House, 4th Floor, 88C, Old
Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi
400025 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Intuit Lab Design School in Mumbai stands as a true testament to French digital design and strategy education, proudly established in 2011 as the first campus of Intuit Lab in India. Our institution emphasizes a deep dive into design and the digital realm, focusing on thought, learning, and understanding.
Nestled in the heart of India’s financial hub, Mumbai is a land of opportunities – from quiet moments with tea by the sea to picturesque historic markets. The city is a buzzing epicenter of a vibrant entrepreneurial economy, offering a wealth of prospects for our budding graduates. This is where global icons in design and advertising collaborate with not just local, but international clients, making Mumbai a nexus of innovation and vigor.

Our campus is located in Prabhadevi, in the heart of Mumbai. Close to the iconic Sea Link and Sidhivinayak temple.

• Who Can Apply?

o Students who’ve successfully completed grade 12 or its equivalent.
o Individuals with a keen interest in design and a distinctive creative touch.
o Transfer students from other graphic design or visual communication programmes are also welcome. (For further details, reach out to our admissions team.)

• Steps to Apply

o Online Application: Begin by filling out the online application form.

• Document Submission:

o Upload your High School Transcripts.
o Provide proof of address.
o Application Fee: Complete the application by paying the requisite fee.
o Creative Aptitude Test: Register and appear for our unique test designed to gauge your creative intelligence.
o Personal Interview: Attend a face-to-face interaction with our team.
o Portfolio Submission: If you possess a creative portfolio, it’s a great advantage. For transfer students entering year 2 or beyond, it’s mandatory.
o Join us in sculpting your creative journey!

We offer several courses in Mumbai :

  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia & Visual Communication (Graphic Design)
  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia & Game Art & Design
  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia & Digital Product Design (UI/UX)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising, Design & Digital Communication
  • Short Term Programs

In a warm setting, there’s a strong emphasis on personal interactions and individual growth. Intuit Lab School isn’t just a design institution for our students; it’s a space for development, artistic enlightenment, and meaningful conversations with industry leaders. It’s a melting pot for bright minds where creativity is sparked, concepts are born, nurtured, and brought to fruition through collaboration.
Lasting friendships are forged here, strengthened by team synergy, a lively student life, and tangible exchanges with the professional world. These bonds craft a safe and affirmative environment conducive to self-discovery.
Moreover, we encourage our students to engage in various global initiatives, introducing them to diverse cultures, viewpoints, and methodologies, thereby equipping them for a meaningful role in a connected world. Intuit Lab School cherishes learning through immersion and firsthand experience. Hence, our campus brims with exhibitions, workshops, student groups, industry visits, and professional opportunities. We champion innovation, teamwork, and networking to steer our students in transforming their potential into thriving artistic careers.
As a globally recognized design institution, we facilitate academic exchanges, educational trips, and invite experts, professionals, and partners from around the world to collaborate with our students on assorted endeavors.

Explore Cutting-edge Design Courses in Mumbai at École Intuit Lab

At the heart of Mumbai’s vibrant cultural tapestry lies École Intuit Lab, a French institute of design and digital innovation, which has been nurturing creative minds since 2011. Recognizing the need for a global perspective in the design realm, the school offers a unique integrated Master’s diploma. This five-year course—comprising three years of undergraduate studies in India followed by two years of postgraduate education in France—is meticulously crafted to foster expertise in Art Direction, Graphics, Digital, and Visual Communication Design, all taught in English. Immersing students in an international milieu, the school paves the way for graduates to internationalize their resumes and excel in a global design market. Mumbai’s dynamic economic environment amplifies the learning experience, providing a plethora of opportunities for budding designers and digital strategists to test and hone their skills.


École Intuit Lab’s Innovative Approach to Digital Product Design in Mumbai

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and design, École Intuit Lab Mumbai stands out as a beacon of innovation with its specialized program in Digital Product Design. This four-year course is strategically designed to prepare students for the transformative world of design, equipping them with the skills necessary to turn creative ideas into functional products. Embracing the city’s rich cultural diversity and its status as a cradle for the arts and entertainment, including the bustling Bollywood industry, the school encourages students to draw inspiration from their surroundings. The curriculum is not only focused on technical prowess but also on fostering a deep understanding of the cultural nuances that influence design. By integrating real-time client projects and internships, École Intuit Lab ensures its students are not just designers but innovative thinkers ready to take on the challenges of a rapidly changing global market.


Mastering Design and Digital Communication in Mumbai’s École Intuit Lab

Mumbai’s École Intuit Lab provides an intensive 18-month professional program that delves into the intricacies of Branding, Design, Digital, and Communication Strategies, shaping students into versatile design professionals. This hands-on course includes collaborative projects with real clients, interactive workshops with industry leaders, and a mandatory internship to give students an edge in the competitive field of design. Students graduate with a profound understanding of the current market needs and trends, ready to influence the world with their innovative branding and design solutions. Moreover, the school’s commitment to intercultural exchange is exemplified by its international faculty and its location in Mumbai—a bustling hub of entrepreneurial innovation and artistic expression. With opportunities to engage with global design and advertising legends, École Intuit Lab Mumbai is the perfect incubator for future leaders in design and digital communication.