Step into the industry

We produce highly skilled designers and entrepreneurs attuned to the needs of the industry and equipped to adapt to meet them.

The recurring real-life, professional exposure for the students in their academic curriculum means that they graduate ready for the industry. Our students find themselves placed in prime design and art direction positions in the industry right out of school, or often undertake their own entrepreneurial ventures.


Alumni Network who participate in juries and recruit our students


Business Partners globally


Graduates find their first job immediately after graduation

Designer, a key role

Graphic design is a field that encompasses a vast array of jobs and responsibilities, ranging from designing posters and banknotes to creating magazine layouts and cake boxes. A designer must not only facilitate the use and understanding of messages but also adopt an aesthetic outlook that is in line with contemporary tastes. To meet these obligations, a designer must possess creative talent, sensitivity, psychological insight, curiosity about the world, and knowledge of the latest techniques and environmental regulations. Unlike artists, designers must follow set objectives to achieve success in their work.


Triannual exhibitions, as well as students displays for photography, awards etc bring many industry veterans to the campus to recruit students. Get opportunities to find your future employer on campus itself through various events!