BACHELOR DEGREE Game Art and Game Design

This 4-year programme has been curated to progressively train freshers in game art and design, right from the fundamentals to becoming an industry-ready professional. From the beginning itself, students will be encouraged to immerse themselves in the game development process. Therefore, they will not only learn softwares and techniques but also develop expertise in art and design. They will be exposed to the production cycles and processes of the game.

Collaboration With Abertay University, Scotland

Since launching the world’s first computer games degrees in 1997, Abertay University has been the pioneer institution for the gaming sector and is a globally recognized benchmark for excellence. Our students now have the option to pursue their 4th year in this esteemed university.


Pursue higher studies abroad easily at Abertay University, Scotland


Taught by professionals from the industry, making students ready to international standards


Through two internships in the best gaming studios


A four year programme, spread across theoretical classes, studio classes, frequent real-world projects and two industry internships prepares students for a creative career.

Ecole Intuit Lab x UBISOFT

Ubisoft Entertainment SA is a French video game publisher with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s video game series, Rayman, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs.

Creativity and a strong skill set are key in video game development. Hence, Ecole Intuit Lab has teamed up with Ubisoft to help our students develop the right type of expertise for the industry. Through our unique curriculum and an internship at Ubisoft, our students will have the opportunity to exercise their learning in a practical and hands-on manner. This integration will thoroughly prepare our students for their future career in game design.

Lab 1

Foundation studies

This year covers the visual fundamentals that will be essential for the future game artists and game designers. The focus is on creativity, and artistic expression. Students learn the fundamental principles of design and the mechanics of successful games as the basis for their future specialisation.

Non-Digital Gaming + Analytical Drawing + Live Model Sketching + Exterior Drawing + Colour + Creativity + Illustration + Introduction to Interactions + Character Design + Environment Design + Gesture Drawing + Storyboarding + Volume + Photography + Perspective + Personal Project + Human Sciences + History of Art + Portfolio + French

Lab 2


An important year of transition, students learn about the basic techniques of designing a game, conceptually and visually. This second year aims at strengthening their gaming knowledge as well as teaching them the basic tools of the Game Art. Important techniques of 2D and 3D production, as well as game engine principles are taught all year long. Before the second semester students get to choose a specialisation on Characters, Concept Art or Environment Art & additional specialised classes in their chosen field will also be given. At the end of this year, we expect the student to have a basic knowledge of the technical tools and to understand the specialisation chosen and the career opportunities implied by this choice.

General Knowledge + Gaming Culture + Game Design + Level Design + 2D Computer Graphics + 3D Modelling + Concept Art - Character + Concept Art - Environment + Concept Art - Objects + Game Engine + Storytelling + Prototyping + Clay/Volume + French + Mapping/Texturing + Rigging + Lighting + History of Games + Animation + Rendering/VFX + Concept 3D

Short internship

3 months

During this 1st internship, students will understand the structure of a studio; who does what, who leads, how the teams are organised and how their members interact. They will also apply what they’ve learnt in class to the "real" world, and adjust their skills to the needs of the project. On-the-job learning is to be expected along with continuous practice. A monthly evaluation will help them discover their specialisation or area of interest; they will have to feed a blog on a weekly basis and submit a final internship report at the end of the 3 months.

Lab 3

Professional Game Design

Going further into their specialisations, students master their technical skills, building on previous years, and are introduced to the soft skills and production processes required by the industry, as well as upcoming technologies. Through projects that involve teamwork and strategic completion of cross-functional projects, students transform into industry ready game artists and designers.

Advanced 3D + Procedural Generation + Pre-production + Project Management + Mediums & Technologies + Artificial Intelligence + Storyboarding + Rigging/Animation + UI/UX + Art Direction + Advanced Concept Art+ Portfolio + French

Lab 4 (India)

Long Internship — 6 months

An intensive 6 month internship gives students a chance to take on greater responsibilities at their studio roles and carry out specialised work. They will participate in the making of one of more games and integrate into the dynamics of their teams. For the first time, they will play a key role in the game development process. Students will have to document their internship by maintaining a blog and submitting a final internship report.


From one-on-one interactions with Founders to being awed by inspirational entrepreneurship stories, Lab 4 students are given a unique opportunity to experience their own startup through our incubator, The Kettle.

Incubator sessions are conducted by a wide range of young, successful professionals — giving students real time insights into the gaming industry and providing them with a set of elite contacts, grooming their
networking skills.


Bachelors in Game Art and Design - Kolkata Campus

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Fourth Year (Abertay University)

BA (Hons) Game Design and Production

Developed for creative and technically minded people who want to become a key part of the games industry, this degree delivers high-quality opportunities to prepare you for working in games. You’ll cover topics such as game concept and level design, game prototyping and production, alongside communication and leadership skills.


This course equips you with all the necessary practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and creative tools you need to explore and build your digital arts and design practice. As well as lectures and classes, you’ll have opportunities to engage with industry practitioners, attend visiting lectures, participate in masterclasses and receive project mentoring.


BA (HONS) Game Design and Production,AND


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Since launching the world's first computer games degrees in 1997, Abertay University has been the pioneer institution in the gaming sector and a globally recognised benchmark for excellence.

École Intuit Lab has set up a special connection with the university, to ensure that our students have the prestigious opportunity to pursue their fourth year in this esteemed international university.

A faculty of practicing artists & designers


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Students who have completed grade 12 or higher, who have a passion for design and a flair for the creative can apply to this programme. Students may also apply as transfer students from other graphic design or visual communication programmes. Contact the admissions team for details.

Admission Process

Students must submit the application form to enrol for the desired courses in our institute.

Selection Process

Students will be subjected to a creative intelligence test, personal interview and portfolio evaluation.
  1. Fill the online application
  2. Upload necessary documents

    High School Transcripts

    Address Proof

  3. Pay application fee
  4. Register for & take the creative aptitude test
  5. Come in for an interview.

    Bring a creative portfolio* if you have one.

    (*required for transfer students in year 2+)