Students at Ecole Intuit Lab

BACHELOR DEGREE Digital Product Design

Our program in Digital Product Design invites students to become drivers of the ever-present impact computational technologies are having on our lives by translating ideas to designs, and designs to functional products.

They are tasked not just with the aesthetic demands of digital interfaces, but with a value proposition, customer research, the creation of interactive prototypes, and the fundamentals of digital product development.

Thus, proficiency in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is of utmost importance. This is because UI/UX help immortalize a brand for they guarantee seamless experiences, in addition to vibrant visuals. The modern designer must not only master aesthetics but also functionality. Achieving this lies at the very heart of the future of design.

We create a dynamic, challenging, and idea-driven environment that demands an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to the digital world:

The combination of conceptual and technical training at an advanced level for this highly interdisciplinary context prepares functional designers and creative problem solvers. Students leave the program equipped to manage the entire digital product life cycle. They have a keen eye for understanding the world and its needs, identifying opportunities, and responding with beautifully crafted and thoughtfully conceived user experiences.

Their exposure to complex systems, emerging technologies, and integrated experiences prepare them for one of the most lucrative & in-demand design careers in the world.

Students at Ecole Intuit Lab


Placements in India, Europe, and Americas to gain real-world experience


Conducted by professionals from across the the world, tackling multicultural design problems


A semester spent at any of the 5 campuses


A four year programme, spread across theoretical classes, studio classes, frequent real-world projects and two industry internships prepares students for a creative career.

Lab 1

Foundation Program - Lab 1 (20-22 hours per week)

The foundation year serves as an introduction to the storyboard and illustrates their basic thoughts and elements with photography and cinematics of digital design. Their minds are conditioned to visualize and observe their surroundings and create a sense of empathy in their thinking to pen down the user experience and create a process flow.

Analytical drawing + Perspective + Object drawing + Sketching + Outdoor drawing + Colour + Creativity + Illustration + Fundamentals of Games + Storyboarding + Volume 3D & 2D worlds + Introduction to Interactions + Photography + Storytelling + Art History

Lab 2

Design in Context: Principles & Techniques - Lab 2 (20-22 hours per week)

An important year of transition, students learn about the basic elements of visual and graphical communication; text, image, and how they are related. Besides the International workshops the research methodology of website CMS, Typography on the web, and strategizing ideas are taught to prep the student.

Graphic Design + Page Layout + Typography + Computer Graphics + Photography + Writing + Motion Design + Digital Culture: Consumption & Addiction + Human Sciences + Research Methods + Digital Design Tools + UX Design + UI Design + Typography on the Web + Websites on CMS + French

Short internship

1 - 2 months

An Internship of 1-2 months is compulsory in the 2nd year for exposure to the practical aspect of learning. It gives them a taste of the real professional world and how things function.

Lab 3

Expanding Digital Explorations; Interfaces as a medium - Lab 3 (20-22 hours per week)

Levelling up a notch further than Lab 2. The 3rd year opens the world of digital product design giving the student the opportunity to create their own framework and put their knowledge to use in the front end and backend taking up projects that test their skill sets.
They have the opportunity to have a semester exchange to France and explore the possibility of the cultural and learning landscape.

Ergonomy + Prototyping with Figma + Digital Design Systems + Digital Art Direction + User Research + Interactive Design + UX Design + UI Design Advanced + Technical Understanding + Emerging Tech + Copywriting for Digital + Digital Product Management + French

Long internship

4 - 6 months

An intensive semester long internship in an agency in India or abroad gives students a chance to apply their experiences and expertise in a collaborative professional environment. Students in these internships work with professional teams and often take on full responsibility of client projects.

Lab 4

Innovating for Digital: Interfaces as Products - Lab 4 (Sem 2 - 10 - 12 hours per week)


A start-up project is given to the students in the final year which helps them incubate their product in our Kettle - where industry experts and seed capital is sought for their start-up. It gives the student to pitch their idea to potential investors giving them the exposure to present their work in the real-world scenario.



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Students who have completed grade 12 or higher, who have a passion for design and a flair for the creative can apply to this programme. Students may also apply as transfer students from other graphic design or visual communication programmes. Contact the admissions team for details.

Admission Process

Students must submit the application form to enrol for the desired courses in our institute.

Selection Process

Students will be subjected to a creative intelligence test, personal interview and portfolio evaluation.
  1. Fill the online application
  2. Upload necessary documents

    High School Transcripts

    Address Proof

  3. Pay application fee
  4. Register for & take the creative aptitude test
  5. Come in for an interview.

    Bring a creative portfolio* if you have one.

    (*required for transfer students in year 2+)