Guiding students towards achieving their creative potential.

As creative professionals ourselves, our engagement with design, strategy and communication has connected us to the evolving technologies and lifestyles that a civilisation in movement demands. We have always aspired to contribute to the learning required for this transition, to educate. We seek to equip our students not just with the skills we have acquired over our years, but with the versatility necessary to adapt to the technologies, communication, media and markets of their future. And we hope to respond to these transformations with a sensibility towards beauty and utility.

A designer must understand the context and function of a project, which requires an entrepreneurial approach rather than a classical training in applied arts. It is not a question of being satisfied with a beautiful image, or a beautiful rendering, but of also grappling with the strategic process related to the subject at hand.

Our belief in “talent for all” defines our approach to education. We see talent as an innate quality in each of us that can be revealed with the right guidance. Our job as creative educators is to uncover this natural sensitivity to aesthetics, and to cultivate a conscious dedication to functionality.

Our creative education is not meant just to produce artists, but individuals who have developed altruism, humility, and a desire to contribute to their lives and those of the societies in which they live. This quest demands introspection and effort, which are integral to our pedagogical approach.

By bringing école intuit.lab to India, we have sought to draw on the cultural powerhouse that a French-Indian collaboration can bring. India has long been synonymous with art, and students trained in design can work to bring this into everyday surroundings. It is only when creativity is taken seriously — for design has always played a key role, be it in the industrial revolution or the service revolution — that economic and social development in India will take place beautifully. No other time has been better than now for India, with its surging international growth and presence, to improve its design education.

We consider it our role, the role of education, the role of creativity, and the role of our school in particular, to guide students towards their own individual, professional and societal identities; as they mature in their notion of who they are and how they contribute to this ever-changing world.

Here’s looking forward to a new wave in design education.

Clément Derock, Frédéric Lalande
Co-founders of École Intuit Lab

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