Cultivating Creative Imagination

Empowering Students Towards Cultivating Design Thinking and Creative Imagination

Coming with more than 50 years of experience in the design entrepreneurship domain, we identified the gaps in design education in India and saw the need for a holistic approach to upskill and nourish the talented students by focussing not only on the concepts and theories that inform the field, but also industry-focussed practical experience. 

Our latest initiative, bringing Ecole Intuit Lab to Delhi through our institution, JS Institute of Design, is our humble attempt to empower future designers towards cultivating fearless creative imagination and design thinking skills. 

To begin with, this collaboration brings quality design education within the reach of many potential students who were unable to find the right creative guidance. The new campus bolstered by internationally recognised curriculum will enable our students to understand intercultural behaviours and trends and how that shapes art and design.  It will promote a globally inclusive mindset and give our talented students a chance to be at a level playing field with their international counterparts by giving them opportunities to get experience with world players in the design and creative domains. 

Design is a field that is both a practice and an academic discipline. Designers are entrusted with increasingly complex and impactful challenges of ever-shifting needs, requirements, and constraints.  To impart quality in design education, we need educators who can bring together and put that value across to the design aspirants. JS Institute of Design has always held the importance of faculty to the highest esteem and ensures only the very best internationally acclaimed faculty for its upcoming programs as well.

Any design professional today needs to go beyond just learning technical and functional skills. They need to understand that critical thinking, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, are going to be very essential ingredients for their success in the future. With our teaching fundamentally rooted in an entrepreneurial approach to design learning, we encourage our students to make use of problems to create a context in which to exercise inquiry, exploration, and the seeking of understanding. We enable them to pursue a constant path of learning and engage in a continuous quest for understanding and problem solving.

I wholeheartedly believe that our visions align perfectly with the beliefs that École Intuit Lab was built with – “talent for all.” Every individual has an innate creativity that is only waiting to be expressed. Like a potter moulds and fires clay to give it the shape of a beautiful pot, our educators will cultivate and nourish the inherent creative talents of our students and shape them to become the design leaders of tomorrow!


Co-Founder, JS Institute of Design

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