A city-centre campus

Located in the heart of Mumbai, this design college is an open space designed in a unique way for creativity thrive

Walk down a corridor filled with design inspiration or dive into a bunch of creative books in a pink walled-library - this human size design school is a warm institute that offers tailor-made design solutions for the next generation to come.

For students, École Intuit Lab is more than a college: it is a place of fulfilment, creative emulation, enriching dialogues with professionals. A meeting place, where life seethes.
Apart from high-level courses, strong friendships are created, nurtured by team work fuelled by active life and real world. These moments of group creation are precious. They add to the lessons a real team cohesion and food for thought by the exchange. The spirit of École Intuit Lab is creative, adventurous and open to the world.


Students can get more involved in the life of the campus through the Stu Club. (Students Club)

Stu Club’s mission is to organise cultural events, festive and create social links between students from different batches. They manage the day of integration, sponsorship among students to facilitate the entry of newcomers and organise activities in a non-school setting to contribute to the warm atmosphere at design institute.

Engagement with Stu Club empowers, involves and unites students. Members learn to manage a budget, negotiate, plan and carry out projects like in the professional world.


École Intuit Lab believes in broadening student horizons, and to complement the design program, offers a range of open mastertalks, workshops, short trips and studio visits to various places around the city.

Participating in inter-college fests, extra curricular activities and sports gives students a chance to strengthen their soft skills, polish their unique talents and foster friendships, values and learnings that go way beyond what can be attained within the four walls of a classroom.


Triennial exhibitions, as well as students displays for photography, awards etc bring many industry veterans to the campus to recruit students. Get opportunities to find your future employer on campus itself through various events!