UNDERGRADUATE Visual Communication and Digital Design

Technology and design together, are leading the world through its most monumental transformation. In interwoven multicultural markets, during an era of explosive data culture, the ability to convey messages in creative, visual and universally comprehensible ways has become a powerful tool.

Visual Communication plays an important role in shaping our choices. This 4 year undergraduate programme trains students to infuse words and images with life and meaning, in ways that can persuade, educate, entertain or inform.

Our students leave the programme prepared for a variety of design careers like Art Direction, Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Typography, Advertising, Illustration, Communication, Graphic Design and a host of other creative specialisations.


Placements in India, Europe, and America to gain real-world experience


Conducted by professionals from across the the world, tackling multicultural design problems


A semester spent at any of the 5 campuses


A four year programme, spread across theoretical classes, studio classes, frequent real-world projects and two industry internships prepares students for a creative career.

Lab 1

Foundation Studies

This year serves as an introduction to the creative industries. The focus is on form, and its interaction with function. Students learn the fundamental principles of art and design, as the pedagogical building blocks for their future specialisations. They explore their creativity in a year-long personal project.

Analytical drawing + Live model sketching + Outdoor sketching + Colour + Sketching + Creativity + Illustration + Communications + Image + Volume + Photography + Perspective + Human sciences + History of art + Project weeks + French

Lab 2


An important year of transition, students learn about the basic elements of visual and graphical communication; text, image and how they are related. Students participate in international workshops and intensive project weeks that combine conceptual methodology, technical training and research processes.

Graphic design + Page layout + Typography + Web design + Computer graphics + Branding + Photography + Illustration + Writing + Motion design + Storyboarding + Press cartoons + Graphic culture + Human sciences + International workshop + 3 day Print House Internship + Portfolio + French

Short internship

1 - 2 months

A summer internship at a print house or design agency gives students their first taste of the creative careers and processes of visual communication and digital industries. Observation and team participation introduces them to the challenges of applying creativity in professional contexts.

Lab 3


Going a step ahead from the technical foundation given in Lab 2, students consider aesthetics and their relevance to the world. Through projects that involve teamwork and strategic completion of cross-functional live client assignments, students refine their ability to infuse creativity in concepts. They also have the opportunity to go for a semester-long exchange programme to France.

3D + Computer graphics + Advertising + Editorial design + Motion design + Digital design + Packaging + Copywriting + Graphic design + Art direction +Human Sciences + Portfolio + French

Long internship

4 - 6 months

An intensive semester long internship in an agency in India or abroad gives students a chance to apply their experiences and expertise in a collaborative professional environment. Students in these internships work with professional teams and often take on full responsibility of client projects.

Lab 4


The pedagogy used in this last semester focuses on integrating economic realities and professional context with one’s personal creative approach. An emphasis is placed on understanding competition, markets, clients and design strategy. Students work on a focused editorial project, as well as a grand project that requires them to address a brand problem through design. They finish the year armed with a curated portfolio, background experience and a mindset ready for the industry.

Visual identity + Brand strategy + Packaging + Editorial design + Digital + UI/UX + Storytelling + Semiotics + Master class + Grand project International workshop + Internship + Portfolio + French


B.Des in Visual Communication and Digital Design - Kolkata Campus

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A faculty of practicing artists & designers


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Students who have completed grade 12 or higher, who have a passion for design and a flair for the creative can apply to this programme. Students may also apply as transfer students from other graphic design or visual communication programmes. Contact the admissions team for details.

Admission Process

Students must submit the application form to enrol for the desired courses in our institute.

Selection Process

Students will be subjected to a creative intelligence test, personal interview and portfolio evaluation.
  1. Fill the online application
  2. Upload necessary documents

    High School Transcripts

    Address Proof

  3. Pay application fee
  4. Register for & take the creative aptitude test
  5. Come in for an interview.

    Bring a creative portfolio* if you have one.

    (*required for transfer students in year 2+)