Take a peak into the world of Design Summer School 2024

From Basics to Brilliance: Elevate Your Design Skills at the Summer School Program 2024

The Summer School serves as a dynamic hub for cultivating innovative ideas, empowering students to become independent thinkers. It serves as a catalyst for personal and intellectual growth, providing an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional classrooms. Whether exploring a passion, delving into a specific subject, or acquiring hands-on skills, the summer school environment encourages creativity, fosters collaboration, and establishes a sense of curiosity.


This short two week programme introduces the students to the world of Visual Communication and Digital Design. With five fun workshops the students get to explore and experience different media – Illustration, Animation, Typography, AI and much more. Students will learn about the methodology used in the design process and will have a chance to study with renowned professionals. Enrol now for a crash course designed to ignite your creative brilliance.

6th and 7th May

Exploration of Visual Design

Theme: PLAY - The notion of play is central to all art and design practice. In our 2 day workshop, students will explore this concept of play and the freedom and joy to explore the basic fundamentals of design.

Day 1: What makes good design? An introduction to the Visual Vocabulary by taking students through a journey of understanding the Elements of Design.

Day 2: Art is a visual expression. Exploring Colour and Textures as materials for creative process which will help provide students with a toolkit of ideas and skills.

8th, 9th and 10th May

Illustration & Animation

Part 1- Illustration
Exploring self expression through portraiture-
Students are taken through the process of creating portraits through various short exercises that help them break out of the fear of judgement and focus on self expression and the capture of character.
Assignment- to use the learning from these exercises and create a self portrait.

Part 2- Animation
Understand the aspect of building character through the illustration and use animation to enhance that aspect and create a short animated gif.

13th May


Learn to draw letterforms.

Typography reflects cultures and is the backbone of any visual language. It may escape our notice, but, from road signs to shop fronts and newspapers to digital content, we have a constant interface with typography. You will learn a step-by-step process of creating your own unique lettering.

14th and 15th May

Character Design

Create your own unique characters

Draw characters with different body proportions and personality.
Gather reference materials as a precursor to the character creation process.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

16th and 17th May

• Definition and Concepts of AI tools.
• AI & Smart tools.
• Real-world applications & usage.
• Examples of AI in use (smartphones, social media, etc.).
•AI impacts
• How it works and its capabilities.
• Responsible AI usage.
• Practical demonstration on interacting with ChatGPT.
• Creating simple conversational scripts.
• Explanation of MidJourney, Leonardo platform.
• Hands-on experience with basic features.
• Guided activities on creating a basic AI project using ChatGPT or MidJourney/Leonardo.


Venue: Ecole Intuit Lab Prabhadevi, Mumbai
Date: 6th to 17th May 2024 (Monday to Friday)
Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Faculty: Designers, Artist & Industry Professionals
Fee: INR 15,000 (Inclusive of GST)