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Visual Communication & Digital Design

In today’s era of explosive data culture, the ability to convey messages in creative, visual and universally comprehensible ways has become a powerful tool. Visual Communication plays an important role in shaping our choices.

  • 4-year undergraduate programme.
  • Theoretical classes.
  • Studio classes.
  • Frequent real-world projects.
  • 2 industry internships.
When you enroll at Intuit Lab, what you’re receiving is not just a course.
It is an experience. An experience replete with hands-on learning, an international curriculum, expert faculty, and world-renowned internships. Here, individuals are encouraged for their creativity and an attitude that strays from conventions.

Design your life with India's leading institute of design!

    What Sets Us Apart?

    More than just a school, École Intuit Lab offers a dynamic environment that promotes individuality & creativity.

    Our Placement Partners

    Our Esteemed Faculty


    Motion Designer

    France-based Mentor

    Pratish Mepani

    Design Thinker

    Creative Director at SMDB Co.

    Nishigandha Sahasrabudhe

    Visual Designer

    Instructional Designer - LottieFiles

    Mena Malgavkar

    Art Director

    Worked with Kissan, Louis Philippe, Fair and Lovely, and Taj Hotels

    Ashish Kapoor

    Brand Strategy

    Founder & Chief Strategist - Yellow Fishes

    Mahesh Patil

    UI/UX Designer

    Co-Founder - August Company

    Sneha Ullal Goel

    Brand Storytelling

    Communication Marketing specialist

    Tapan Mody

    Creative Counsellor

    Brand Mentor Copywriter - Yes yes, why not?

    Alok Gaikwad

    Gaming Culture

    Senior Technical Artist at Ubisoft India Studios

    Minal Nairi

    Editorial Design

    Partner - Alfalfa New York

    Shini Shreedharan

    Creative Strategist

    Winner of Craft of Copy & Digital Campaign awards