Foundation yearfoundation-year

foundation year


A fundamental year aims at toughening up the student for a creative approach with the help of the Fine arts.It also organizes his thoughts and his practical work especially with the help of human Sciences.


Shubh Butani

Lab 1

I always wanted to pursue Graphic Design and it has been a great experience to study here. I learnt how to think laterally and also it has been so much fun learning here. It's like you are going to always love what you study because the teachers are so friendly and they going to always make sure you enjoy what you are learning. The growth I have seen in myself due to Ecole intuit.lab, is invaluable. Students are encouraged to take initiatives and hone leadership skills so that they can cope with the world outside the campus.

Deesha Asrani

Lab 1

École intuit.lab has been an amazing change in my life!
I have been studying art since a few years now but this design school has given a different approach to the basic perspective of art!
I have felt the difference right from day one, I'm awaiting to see what more they have for me to experience!
Every teacher is so unique in their own ways, their approach towards the way they teach is very different!
I have been introduced to so many new subjects which are very practical and they impart creative intelligence. There's so much of concentration on the growth and not only grades,which I think matters the most in today's design world.


  • Students who have passed 10th or 12th or achieved higher qualifications from any stream are eligible to apply for the 4 year programme

Admission Process 

  • Students must submit the application form to enroll for the desired courses in our institute
  • Relevant documents have to be attached with the form and can be couriered or hand delivered to our institute
  • An application fee of Rs 3000 by Cash/Cheque payable to 'ECOLE INTUIT LAB EDUCATION PVT LTD'  

List of documents to be submitted along with the application form

  • Application Fee of Rs. 3000 by cash or cheque
  • 2 passport size recent photographs
  • Copies of marksheet of the course last completed(10th, 11th or 12th grade if completed) 
  • Photocopy of the address proof (passport, aadhar card, student id card)

Selection Process

  • Student are subject to a creative intelligence test , perosnal interview and portfolio evelaution.
  • Interview with portfolio will be held on the same day after the test is completed. 

Campus Address

Ecole Intuit Lab Education Pvt Ltd 88C,
Old Prabhadevi Road,
DGP House 4th floor,
Prabhadevi Mumbai - 400025
Mob:- +91 9819669774

Lab 2lab-2

Lab 2


A year of important transition. The students shall learn about the basic elements of visual and graphical communication; text matter and image and how they are related. To understand these concepts, the programme proposes 3 complementary approaches; a conceptual methodology, a technical training and graphic research


Srishti Punjabi

Lab 2

École Intuit lab imparts a vibe that is very encouraging and is well balanced between work and play. It provides a vast exposure to almost all the elements of design. It helps to groom all our skills, from basic hand sketching to expertise in softwares.
École Intuit lab does not just impart knowledge for us to earn a degree. Along with knowledge, it makes sure to prepare us for the professional world. It also gives us an exposure to professionals from the design industry and to their work environment. They also organize numerous workshops and design conferences to create awareness among us of the big design world outside of college.
École is a family by itself, that is always welcoming new members to be a part of them. They help us to think beyond our capacity, and take our work to a global level, giving us the recognition we deserve. They make sure to help us in every step through the entire course and even after, if needed.
For me, it is not a college that I have to present at to keep up my attendance record. It is a cold, cozy, comfortable work space that I like to be within.

Pratyush Thaker

Lab 2

Ecole intuit.lab, as an institution, has helped me broaden my horizon and made me aware of the infinite possibilities we hold when we cleanse our perception. Not only has it helped me grow as an individual, but it has given me a direction to discover my own path.

Lab 3lab-3

Lab 3


The student acquires a deeper knowledge of all that he has learnt in the previous year by discovering and learning to master the constant interactions of the different techniques. This year focuses on the core issue of font and form.


Zahra Dhuliawala

Lab 3

College is the easy part of life, but with thorough guidance from teachers who work in the industry, and actual experience with live clients, Intuit.lab makes sure we are completely prepared for the 'real world'. Here, learning isn't limited to rules and theory, but extends actually getting your hands dirty, exploring every possible part of the field, comparing opinions, experimenting, and so much more.

Lab 4lab-4

Lab 4


The 4th year helps the student to master all that he has learnt till now. This is the time when he puts to test all that he has learnt in all the different domains, either during an internship in India or abroad or during an international Exchange program. The pedagogy used this year focuses on integrating the economical realities ( market, competition ) and the professional context ( client relation, supplier, manufacturing) with one’s personal creative approach. In the course of the year, the student chooses a field of his interest to work on his book of strong value-added to be able to convince the recruiters.




European credit system: International Diploma in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

The intuit.lab’s graduates are awarded the nationally recognized French title of «Art Director» registered by RNCP 1.