Art has become a powerful means of influence & what it means to be an artist has evolved from a creator of aesthetics to a conveyer of thoughts, ideas and messages.

Our 4 year bachelor's programme isn't confined to only honing your skills in a variety of media, but instead prepares you to be a contemporary artist who is able to channel your creativity and visual expression to share ideas and messages with the world.

Through personal practice, apprenticeship, an internship and exhibitions, this fine art degree will teach you how to use art as a platform to inspire thinking, start conversations and communicate with global audiences professionally.


Placements in India, Europe, and America, to gain real-world experience


Conducted by professionals from across the the world, tackling multicultural design problems


A semester spent at any of the 5 campuses


A four year programme, spread across theoretical classes, studio classes, frequent real-world projects and two industry internships prepares students for a creative career.

Lab 1


This year serves as an introduction to the arts. Instruction and studio introduce students to the principles of visual representation and basics of figure and form in drawing. Students are encouraged to explore ideas in progressively larger creative assignments.

Analytical drawing + Live model sketching + Outdoor sketching + Colour + Sketching + Creativity + Illustration + Communications + Image + Volume + Photography + Perspective + Human sciences + History of art + Project weeks + French

Lab 2

Art in Context

The focus of this year is exposure; to historical and contemporary art and the messages that art is used to communicate. It is intended to give students an idea of the fine arts in context. They are encouraged to explore the art styles and movements, as well as consider art as a tool of messaging. They will be asked to reflect on cultures, identities, societies, politics and the role that art plays in our lives, on a local & global scale through a short research project.

History of Art: Antiquity to Early Modern + Culture & Identity + Art in India: History + Affecting Change + Through Art + Expository Writing + The Artist’s Journal + Illustration + Portrait & the Object + Painting II + Societies & Politics + Interdisciplinary Arts + Talking About Art: Theory & Critique + Art in India: Contemporary + History of Art II: Modern to Contemporary + Presenting Art + Studio + Sculpture II + Landscapes + B&W: Charcoal & Ink

Short internship

2 - 3 months

A summer internship at a museum or gallery, with a focus on curation and art business, towards the process of professionalisation. Students take on a summer internship at a museum / gallery in or outside India. They may choose to work in art curation, in the presentation of the art to viewers (as a guide or writer), in the media teams at the institution or in another similar role. The key learning outcomes are insights into the professional world of art today, and an experience of how art forms careers. Students experience first hand how visitors and buyers react to art, the variety of reasons they seek out art, and how art affects them. They also learn under leaders with years of experience in the field how one selects arts, how one draws connections between the contemporary and historical and how one talks about creators and their creations.

Lab 3

Art as an expression

The year focuses on creativity and fulfilment, as students explore media and choose their specialisations and convey their ideas. This year is divided into two key outcomes. The first semester is studio heavy, with exposure to a wide range of media. Classes include theoretical and practical components as students explore a variety of modes of expression. In the second semester, students choose 2 media specialisations and focus on using art as a means of expressing their messages, personal or collective. This is the year of skill mastery.

Critical Studies: Advanced Analysis + Semiotics & Visual Communication + Artists & Their Causes + Media specialisations to explore + Conveying Your Message in Words + Symbolism & Visual Messaging + Creating a Concept


4 - 6 months

The first semester of the final year is spent gaining expertise and professionalism at a studio apprenticeship with an artist. Students spend a semester working with an artist of their choice anywhere in the world. Their artist may have a specialised media or be a mixed media artist. The student is expected to assist in all ways — be that in art production, communication, planning, networking, sourcing or other. The key objective is that students gain a full experience of what it means to have a career in fine art, the additional skills and resources they will have to acquire, the material and resource networks they will have to build, and most importantly, the artistic process.

Lab 4

You as an artist

The final semester of the bachelor involves a fulfilling thesis project and professional seminars. This year is intended to develop each student’s personal vision as a professional artist, and launch them in their careers. They will work on their own exhibition of contemporary work, as well as participate in seminars covering the business side of artistic careers.

Positioning Strategy + Pricing & Selling Art + Creating a Personal Brand + Your Artistic Voice + Digital Platforms + Entrepreneurship in Fine Arts + Exhibition Design + Collaboration and Production in Creative Industries + An Artist’s Website + Artistic Discourse + Talking to Museums & Galleries + Ethics in Art + Art Law: Intellectual Property

international Diploma DEGREE IN FINE ARTS - (RNCP Level 7)

Bachelors in Fine Arts - Kolkata Campus

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Students who have completed grade 12 or higher, who have a passion for design and a flair for the creative can apply to this programme. Students may also apply as transfer students from other graphic design or visual communication programmes. Contact the admissions team for details.

Admission Process

Students must submit the application form to enrol for the desired courses in our institute.

Selection Process

Students will be subjected to a creative intelligence test, personal interview and portfolio evaluation.
  1. Fill the online application
  2. Upload necessary documents

    High School Transcripts

    Address Proof

  3. Pay application fee
  4. Register for & take the creative aptitude test
  5. Come in for an interview.

    Bring a creative portfolio* if you have one.

    (*required for transfer students in year 2+)