Ecole intuit.lab is conducting an experimental workshop on expressive typography. We invite you to attend this workshop on Saturday, 4th November.

Explore and Express
Expressive Typography is an art from which portrays type in the form of an image. Letters are not only abstract notions or carriers of of meaning, they are also real, physical shapes. Paying attention to those shapes and using them as a visual element in graphic design is an essential part of typography.

Workshop Lecturer:
Falguni Agarwal – Communications Designer

See/ Discuss
Various examples and techniques will be demonstrated for you to understand how alphabets cease to serve its only reading purpose, and instead take form to become a visual delight.

Do/ Create
Specially designed art exercises which will tickle your imagination and flex your creative muscles. Take home with you a stunning artwork guaranteed to evoke an ‘aha!’ moment.

What’s in it for you
Learn how to achieve the perfect congruence between the meaning and type itself. This methodology can be applied in various designs like identities (logo), magazine mastheads, graphic posters or any other collateral which leverages type.

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Materials required
Tracing paper, pencils, cutters, glue, eraser, ruler, black marker pens.

Date: Saturday, 4th November, 10.30am to 3.30pm
Venue: Ecole intuit.lab campus, DGP House, 4th Floor, 88C, Old Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025.