Bored to Board Games – Workshop

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Bored to Board Games


Books and movies coupled with board games.

Sounds like fun? What if I say we’ll build this together? Experience the joy of creating and playing it. Join us for a fun workshop on Board Game Design conducted by Bindhu Madhu.

Bringing participants closer to the concept of putting books, movies and board games together. With a carefully chosen theme, the workshop will enable participants to feel the thrill of partially creating a game and being able to play it.

It’s aimed at subtly introducing them to stories, playing around the theme, interpretations, thinking wild, strategies and the process of how it’s all done.

2 hours culminating in a pre-designed board game, apt for the theme, which each participant will play with and carry home.

Make sure you have plain papers, pencils, color pens, black point pens, glue stick/glue drops ,scale, cutter, scissors & a notepad for the workshop.


NOV 26, 2021  2 PM to 4 PM, École Intuit Lab MUMBAI CAMPUS

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