The mission at intuit.lab is to allow the companies to have an access to the recruiting ground full of youngsters who are creative, audacious , motivated and innovative. The professional platform/projects provided to the companies serves as an excellent opportunity to find new and fresh talent.

The training programs

offered by Intuit.lab
include several professional projects :

Starting from the second year of the Bachelor program, the students are supposed to do an internship in a company for a minimum of 4 weeks.
In Lab 4, the students can choose between doing a semester abroad or a professional internship in a foreign company or a foreign agency. This internship can also be done in India. The period for the same has to be a minimum of 4 months starting from June.



The companies can submit their offers and also seek advice to recruit the future talents (type of project, contract, remuneration, etc.) with Yan Garin (

Submit an offer


The companies participate in the development of intuit.lab by choosing the partner who is the most adapted to its needs. Keeping this in mind, many types of collaborations are proposed to you. They are as follows :

Academic intervention :

Throughout the entire academic year, Ecole intuit.lab brings together professionals who are highly recognized in their domains. It offers you the possibility to share your experience and thus create and enduring relationship with the students. The same can be achieved by conducting lectures, workshops and conferences and thereby participating in their training.

Participation in the panels :
The professionals are encouraged to evaluate the projects of the future graduates of intuit.lab. This also provides the companies a chance to identify future potential based on their creations.

Promotion of the company and its professions:

The companies can make their presence felt to the students by organizing the following: sponsorship promotion, placement interviews at the School as well as presentation of the company and its professions.

Collaboration on project creation :

The companies have the chance to develop partnerships with intuit.lab on various themes such as a creation of a new visual identity, or of a Internet site ; or a packaging or a publicity campaign.…


Tailor made trainings give many professionals a chance to diversify or enhance skills or even change their orientation.

Based on its expertise in design and visual communication, Ecole intuit.lab offers several continuous training programs for professionals which last for one week.

These training programs which serve as initiation programs or upgrading programs are conducted by expert trainers and are meant for those who wish to acquire and reinforce their knowledge in graphic design, web and typography.