Character Design Workshop

In the world of design and animation, creating a memorable character is a test of your creativity, imagination and diligence. Pick up these traits and the art form called character design, at our 2-day workshop on 10th and 11th February.
Over these two days, you will be taken through the vital steps of character design and also allowed to take your character from a simple sketch to its final artwork. Learn how to make characters, understand the workshop flow from sketch to digital painting.

The workshop will be planned out as follows:
–> Intro –> Demo –> Sketch –> Painting –> Refining


Saturday, 10th Feb

– Introduction, examples, talking about references, workflow examples (2 hrs)
– Demo; basic of digital painting, and a quick demo bust (1 hr)
– Start working on Sketches and/or silhouettes (2 hrs)

Sunday, 11th Feb
– Starting to refine sketches to finalise them (1 hr)
– Begin with adding colours and start painting (1 hr)
– Painting in progress (1.5 hrs)
– Refining the character (1.5 hrs)

By the end of two days, everyone will have created their own character and developed a good knowledge of workflows and process from sketch to final artwork. (re-edit)

The first 14 enrollees will get a Wacom pen tablet for free to use during the workshop. Please contact the school for more information (+91-9819669774)


Date: 10th and 11th February
Time: 10.30am to 3.30pm (on both days)
Lecturer: Jay Mehta
Fee: Rs 1000/-
Payment can be made via cash/cheque/transfer in favour of “Ecole Intuit Lab Education Private Limited”
Bank: HSBC, Mumbai, Fort
A/c Name: Ecole Intuit Lab Education Pvt Ltd
A/c : 030-778252-001
IFSC : HSBC0400002

Other Requirements: Students should know basic Photoshop, should carry a pen tablet.