Why Upskilling your Game Designing Skills is the Need of the Hour

Let’s understand how to level up game design skills as the future of the industry depends on it

The recent drift from conventional career options has motivated the youth to build a future in the field they are passionate about. This change in mindset has led to a steep rise in students opting for design courses in top design institutes like Ecole Intuit Lab. Game Designing is one such course that has garnered immense demand among fresh school graduates. The professional guidance required for game design courses vastly differs from mainstream career options, and only the right institute can prepare you to face such a skill-based industry. That is why Ecole Intuit Lab has decided to shed light on the importance of upskilling in the Game Design industry.

The growing demand for the job

India’s gaming industry was estimated to be around 90 billion Indian rupees ($US 1.23 billion) in 2020. It was expected to grow at a CAGR of 26% to over 143 billion rupees (1.96 billion) by the end of 2022.

Owing to this increase, the demand for a career in game design is rising. This is leading to the establishment of new game design companies and the creation of jobs. The only catch, however, is that this is an ever-evolving, highly competitive industry. So to stay relevant, you need the right mentors to teach you how to stand out and keep on upskilling to stay relevant.

Why should you focus on skill?

While your institute plays an undeniable role in the opportunities and guidance you receive during the course, this industry ultimately rests on skill. Your focus during the course should be on acquiring skills and understanding the industry. You should ensure you’re developing both the soft and hard skills required for bagging spots in the top game design companies.


Ultimately your experience and skill will count when you sit in an interview for a job. The number of projects you stepped up to be a part of will hold more weight.


Why is upskilling important?

Whether you’re just starting or seeking to advance in an existing company, building and evolving your skills while adopting newer trends is necessary. This would make you an asset to your present company and develop your professional worth for the top opportunities in the job market.


Post-pandemic, the shelf-life of technological innovations, especially in game design, is very short as new trends keep making their way into the industry. This has increased the importance of upskilling multifold to avoid becoming redundant.

The relationship between upskilling and better packages and how to upskill the right way to stand out

By now, the relationship between your skill set and your career in game design must be crystal clear. The connection between better packages and upskilling operates on the same lines. Game Design companies look for hands-on practical experience more than grades because that is ultimately what this industry rests on.


We’ve discussed all the importance of upskilling, but how do you leverage the right skills to bag better opportunities? This is where the importance of your mentors and guides comes in. You can immensely benefit from being in touch with people with experience in this industry to know the nitty-gritty of the trade. Institutes like Ecole Intuit Lab provide excellent mentors who will be your support system every step of the way.

Stride Towards your Dream Job

If you’re interested in game design courses, you can look at the Ecole Intuit Lab website to find a one-stop solution to all your queries and doubts. This is your opportunity to take that one step because it’s now or never. Let us be that first step toward your dream job for you.

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