Top 5 product design trends for 2023

Let’s understand the latest design innovations shaping the industry in the coming year.

The design world is an ever-evolving industry with new product design trends making their way now and then. However, some trends stay strong but become offshoots of this industry with great creative potential waiting to be explored.

Which are the 5 product design trends?

For all the design enthusiasts, Ecole Intuit Lab has created a list of 5 product design trends that will dominate the design industry in the coming future. Let’s understand each in detail:

1.Sustainable Web Design

This practice focuses on developing products considering the environment and the planet. It includes understanding the effects of your digital footprint and aiming to reduce it by adopting principles of the Sustainable Web Manifesto. It promotes creating products and providing web services that are clean, efficient, open, honest, regenerative, and resilient. 


Ecole Intuit Lab is shaping its designers to make more conscious efforts. Many are switching to green web hosting, promoting web performance optimization, using lightweight content management systems, understanding business ethos, and acting more responsibly in the web space.

2.Minimalistic Design

With sustainability gaining popularity, it is common to see designers going for more minimalistic designs. It works on the principle that less is more and hence incorporates simple forms, a set color palette, and basic patterns to achieve a cleaner finish and create a more efficient end-to-end UX workflow.


Choosing selected elements makes the UI simpler and more efficient and drastically reduces visual clutter affecting consumer psychology. 

3. Typography

Typography always stays in demand but evolves with new trends being absorbed and adopted. It is a vital part of product design that uses a particular font and alters its arrangement, layout, and placement to make the brand’s communication attractive and persuasive.


Designers opt for more readable, minimalist, handwritten, and UX-friendly typefaces while adding creativity to their presentation to set them apart from their competition.

4. VR User experience

With VR gaining immense popularity, this design trend will only expand in the coming years. VR stands for virtual reality, which aims to isolate a person from their physical environment using hardware like headsets to immerse them into a completely different world. 


It must be kept in mind that such designs consider a first-person perspective, and their success depends on attention to detail in the virtual world.

5. Voice-User Interface

With AI becoming a part of our daily lives, humans have started to prefer voice commands over other input forms as it is more efficient and saves time. So you can expect smarter versions of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant in the coming year as more innovations occur.


Designers are excited to explore VUI designs as the demand for VUI products increases steadily, advances occur in the AI world, and people prefer VUI over screen interaction. You can expect to see more personalized, user-friendly designs making their way into the market in the coming year.

Be part of the trend-building community!

If news like this interests you, look at the house of such trend-creators and explorers- Ecole Intuit Lab. We, as a community, are highly dedicated to pushing the design world’s limits and welcoming such explorers into our ship. Give wind to the sails of your design talent, and let us help you to become the future of design!

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