What does a careeer in

visual communication design look like?

Let’s understand what is design communication and various aspects of pursuing a career in this field. Read on..

Do you love to paint and design? Do you appreciate art in that book cover, poster design, or advertisement you saw? If yes, we have found the job that you’ll love waking up to daily—a visual communication designer! To give you a fair picture of the world you’ll be stepping into, we at École Intuit Lab have compiled a blog that gives you a peek into your future in visual communication.

Balance of challenge and innovation

As an aspiring visual communication designer, gear up to face a world of ever-changing trends and new challenges with a scope of learning something new every day. If you’re a person who loves to keep learning, inventing, challenging, and improving every single day, then this is the course for you.

Visual communication design study teaches you to design 2D graphics, logos, brochures, cover designs, leaflets, pamphlets, posters, banners, websites, etc. It primarily aims to convey a brand’s message and story by increasing the visual appeal.

A diverse scope of work and various job opportunities

Your primary role would involve managing, coordinating, or conducting the various design operations within a company.

By pursuing a bachelor of design in visual communication design, you can expect to work as a graphic designer, communications manager, video editor, design editor, audiovisual services coordinator, photojournalist, UX designer, user experience designer, app designer, website designer, etc.

Competitive salary

Your value as a designer depends on your experience, skill, and the brand value of the institute where you studied design. Suppose you do visual communication design and study design with world-class institutions like Ecole Intuit Lab (one of the best visual communication colleges in Mumbai). In that case, your starting salary may shoot up much more than an average beginner with no proper degree/certification.

As a beginner, you can expect an average salary of Rs. 6.5 LPA, which would increase as you become a more experienced senior designer.

How can an institutional degree affect your career?

Designing is more complex than learning to operate a design software. It is about learning various theories and their real-life applications, understanding aesthetics and art, learning software, analyzing trends, and so much more. That’s where the importance and role of your institute matter.

An institute like Ecole Inuit Lab would be the perfect design mentor for you, especially if you wish to study a visual communication course in Mumbai. Its highly experienced faculty, up-to-date labs, and interactive and practical learning sessions add to your brand value as a designer and prepare you to face and thrive in the highly-competitive creative ecosystem.

To wrap up

Design is currently one of the most thriving industries and one of the most in-demand skills to acquire in the present job scenario. Therefore, it is essential that you research well and choose a suitable design course and institute for yourself. If you need any further help, we’re always here for you!

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