Top 5 Roundup - PS5 Games in 2022

with the best graphics and visuals

Step into the world of realism and immersion with these top 5 PS 5 games 

With the game design art becoming extremely precise and life-like, gamers are having the time of their lives enjoying the immersive experience these games have to offer. Ecole-Intuit-Lab, a video game design college, has rounded up the top 5 PS5 games that have stood out to us for you to check out and be swept off your feet.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
The most amazing part about this game is that the animations make you feel like you’re a character in a Pixar movie. The game world is far from the actual world but has done an outstanding job of bringing precision and reality to this animated world.

The video game art and design team knocked the game’s visual style out of the park. The transitions are seamless, and after lowering the frame rate and adding ray tracing, you’ll land right into your childhood dream. The experience is new, thrilling, and unique—something a game design enthusiast would want to check out.

Demon’s Soul
Making a comeback to PS5 after its initial success with PS3 is Demon’s Soul. It has amazed both old fans and newbies alike with its fascinating gameplay and visuals. The developer, Bluepoint, has done it again by settling this old game well into the new hardware.

The in-game changes to the inventory, 60fps pace, game-changing design, and all other upgrades combined have taken this role-play game masterpiece to another level. This should be on your mandatory buy list as a gamer in 2022.

Returnal is a highly immersive experience that takes you to this mysterious and magnificent alien world to explore and live the gameplay. The narrative is unique, putting the protagonist in an endless cycle of her own deaths. The planet looks so out of the world and weird that it adds to the game’s entire experience.

The game art design combines true next-gen technology and ideas and blends parts of the story into multiple attempts to end the time loop, which integrates narrative and gameplay on a different level. Game designers of high expertise can only achieve this feat, and if you want to be one of them, Ecole-Intuit-Lab can help you.

Elden Ring
The gritty, gothic look of the game combined with descriptive lore bring together this masterpiece called Elden Ring. The game is set in a world with a very gothic feel, with castles, catacombs, and fortresses scattered around.

The Elden ring is a true game art design example of meeting imagination. The game design is extraordinarily imaginative and gives you a whole world to explore. The game experience has impressive visuals, eye-catching elements, smooth transitions, and all the elements that will leave you amazed.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is shorter than its predecessor PS4 version. Nevertheless, the introduction of Marvel’s Miles Morales as the second New York Spiderman is still sensational. The legendary web-swinging has upgraded with new moves, and Miles Morales has some new superpowers to flaunt.
A seasonal adventure set in the Christmas season, the game design is so stunning that you could just spend a day appreciating the graphics. The snowy landscape and unique reflections from the ray tracing are something to admire.
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