4 Must-Read Blogs for

a Product Designer

Let’s understand how to enhance product designing skills with the help of the best & trendiest blogs

These blogs and articles extract the trendiest and best in product design. The journal is renowned for its ability to find the unheard-of and unusual, painstakingly hand-selected and edited by the most excellent experts in the field with years of experience.

1. Prototype
The platform describes itself as the ‘design discovery universe.’ Prototype is a community-based publishing platform where designers share their inspiration and wisdom worldwide. The blog is updated almost daily and has content that a digital product designer would want to consume.

The blogs cover vast topics from the product design universe for digital product designers and developers. You can find content related to prototyping, front-end development, UX design, and more.

2. Invision
Invision is not just a blog; it’s a world in itself. It is a UI design and prototyping tool that boasts a user base of over 7 million. Their blog explores new angles and arenas of product design and offers not just new things to be intrigued by but good ol’ knowledge too. They have a section called ‘Process’ with great content to browse through.

As a cherry on the cake, Invision helps young designers not only with learnings but also their block. Additionally, it has a treasure of knowledge hidden in their podcasts and e-books.

3. UX Collective
Any profession that involves art understands the importance of expert constructive criticism, just like École Intuit Lab, where mentors try their best to shape aspiring UI/UX designers with that guidance.

Similarly, UX Collective, an independent design publication and blog, strives to make designers more critical of their work. It believes that designers are as many thinkers as they are makers. It is a haven for a UI UX designer. They curate stories on user experience(UX), visual, and product design.

4. Choose what’s best for you. For a digital product designer in 2022, the competition is stronger than ever. The pressure to create a meaningful product, keep up with what’s hot in the design world, and juggle between a hundred responsibilities takes work.

As with any profession requiring creativity, a digital product designer sometimes needs a little push to kindle that inspiration. École Intuit Lab is here to fix that creative block with various digital product design courses in Mumbai and a list of 4 must-read blogs that will inspire and make you think.

5. Yanko
What started as a little blog in 2002 covering student work is now an online international product design magazine that attracts millions of visitors every month. What sets Yanko apart is its dedication to bringing the best to you. This is the best design diet for a digital product designer with just the right balance of content.

To be a UI/UX designer or a digital product designer, you must check out some digital product design courses in Mumbai. A great way to kickstart your career would be to opt for an undergraduate programme in product design or UI/UX design courses in Mumbai from a reputed institute like École Intuit Lab. A glorious career in a field that you love is just a click away!

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