What is Visual communication design

& why is it popular among students?

Let’s understand all about the world of visual communication and why more and more students are keen on taking it up. Read on…

Visual communication Design, or Viscom, has recently surfaced to become one of the most popular choices among students as more and more drift away from traditional career paths. With more businesses understanding the role of visual communication in increasing sales and strengthening their business, career opportunities in this field are limitless. 

What is Visual communication design?

Visual communication involves the incorporation of graphic aids to enhance the messaging of information or ideas. It helps attract the attention of customers, users, or viewers and creates a more significant impact. 

It can be understood as a part of mass communication; however, visual communication design primarily focuses more on the visual aspects of the message. The visual aids can include various elements—symbols, imagery, typography, etc. It is an expansive field that requires different skills—photography, video editing, illustration, understanding color theory, drawing, animation, and graphic design. Additionally, the field and work require knowledge of different design software.

Why is it popular among students?

Design is an exciting field for youngsters, giving them ample opportunities to push their limits and grow. Hence, we’ll look at the various reasons why students find themselves inclined toward learning visual communication design-

  • Freedom to Create, Learn and Explore

Visual communication offers students an opportunity to realize their creative potential, put it to test, and upskill themselves while becoming valuable assets to the job market. Most importantly, visual communication design does not limit them to boxes but forces them to think critically and outside the box.

  • Increasing demand in the Job Market

While offering an escape from the traditional, monotonous career options that have dominated the job market for a significant time, visual communication design has recently gained ground in the job market. With several small-scale businesses and startups springing up, the need for visual communication designers is hitting the roof. In addition, the digital revolution has made everyone—from startups to MNCs invest in digital messaging—resulting in more demand and growth opportunities.

  • Professional and Personal Growth

Mentors, peers, and teachers form the most helpful unit for instilling professional confidence and supporting students during their learning phases. This comes as a part of the supportive environment that an institute builds for its students. For example, at Ecole-Intuit-lab, the faculty doesn’t focus on the output but teaches students how to communicate their raw ideas into beautiful messaging to their team and peers. It instills confidence in them about their value which goes a long way in life, not just professionally.

Be part of the next big thing!

These reasons make this career path so attractive and rewarding for students. So, if you feel like this is something you’d be interested in, Ecole-Intuit-lab is here to guide you at every step. With an extensive course on visual communication design, we at Ecole-Intuit-lab aim to make learning a fun and creative experience. You can learn from industry leaders, have domestic and international opportunities, and much more!

So, come, let’s embark on this creative journey together!

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