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Snakes and ladders is a classic game that kids have been playing for years. It’s easy to learn, fun to play and easy to remember the rules. 

Snakes and ladders is an old favourite for kids for many reasons.

The game is also competitive and fun, making it popular among children who are learning how to play games. This game can be played in lots of different ways, which means that it won’t get boring as you play it over time.

The layout of the board is easy to remember.

If you’ve played Snakes and Ladders before, you know how it works. The board is a simple grid of squares numbered 1-100 in order. The game begins somewhere in the center of the board (square 40) and ends at square 100; 

The snake and ladder are also easy to remember: they’re both paths that start at 0 but end up differently depending on their destination square’s number. The snake can go up or down one step on its way through the grid while climbing ladders requires moving two steps forward if possible, otherwise sliding down one step until reaching another ladder (or landing on another square).

Have fun designing your own versions of snakes and ladders.

Have fun designing your own versions of snakes and ladders!

  • Use the theme to inspire you.
  • Use the game board to inspire you.
  • Use the graphics to inspire you.
  • Use your own words to inspire you.

If the board gets a bit boring, try these variations to make it new again!

While the original game of Snakes and Ladders is fun, it’s not the only game in town! There are many other variations on this classic game.

If you’re looking to change your Snakes and Ladders experience, try changing up some of these elements:

  • Change the graphics. Instead of snakes, you could have melting ice cream or meteors. Instead of ladders, use popping up champagne or helicopters. You can also add other animals, like dolphins; they’re fast movers that come with their own set of risks.
  • Change the theme. If you want to make it more educational, consider adding facts about geography or history into your board design—or even including text about what each space means for your players’ score! This will help them remember how much farther they need to go in order to win the game.

Change up the theme of your game.

You can change up the theme of your game by changing the graphics. You may want to change the look of your board from snakes and ladders to something else. Perhaps you could use a different board game for inspiration if you don’t like snakes and ladders.

You can also change up the theme by changing the name of your game. Instead of calling it “Snakes and Ladders”, how about “Monsters and Monsters”? Or maybe “Wiggles and Wiggles”? The possibilities are endless!

Change up the graphics on your game.

You can change up the graphics on your game. Here are some ideas:

  • Use your imagination to design new graphics. If you’re feeling crafty, draw them by hand or use clip art or photos to create illustrations that represent the different spaces on the board.
  • Use computer software such as Photoshop to create original artwork for each game piece (the snake piece and ladder piece).
  • Combination of above two methods – mix and match!

Change up how you move around the board (It doesn’t have to be a ladder or a snake).

There are a few ways you can change up how you move around the board. You can move in a different direction, for starters, or you can move in a way that is different from anything you’ve done before. You could even go back to the beginning of your turn and start again!

Change up what happens when you land on squares (Not every square has to do something special or go somewhere in particular).

It’s also up to you what happens when you land on a square. You don’t have to stick with the same rules that have been used for decades; instead, think about ways you could change them up. Here are some examples of what could happen if you land on certain squares:

  • You go back to the start (like in traditional snakes and ladders)
  • You get a special power for one turn that lets you jump over another player’s pieces or move more spaces than usual
  • Another player gets a special power for one turn that lets them steal your piece

Sometimes a classic game can be made new again by changing some things about it.

You can make a game new again by changing some things about it. One way is to change the game board:

  • Change the number of spaces on the board, e.g., from 10 to 20.
  • Change the color or pattern of squares, e.g., from white and black to red and green.
  • Change how many sides each square has, e.g., from 4 sides (square) to 6 sides (hexagon).

Changing something like this will make Snakes and Ladders feel different even if you still use all the same rules and gameplay as before!

There are many ways to change up the game of snakes and ladders, so have fun making your own versions. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our variations on this classic game in this video.