5 things to consider before you want to pursue a course in design


Creativity is the need of the hour. If you are one of those individuals whose love of art and design has evolved from pastime to passion, this article will open gates of knowledge for you. From resolving any confusion or doubt that you may have about finalizing a design college in Mumbai or other states, design course fees in India, curriculum, and degree types to sharing a list of career options for design graduates, we’ve got everything covered. 

Discover all about design college in Mumbai, curriculum, course fees, career options for design graduates, and a complete guide on things to consider before choosing design as a career.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Weigh & Question Your Passion
  2. All About Streams
  3. Colleges, Curriculum & Criteria
  4. Fees Structure
  5. Future Job Opportunities

What are the 5 things to consider before pursuing a designing career option?

After thorough research and discussion with people belonging to the design field, we have jotted down not all but some important points to consider:

  • Weigh & Question Your Passion

Without a second thought, this has to be the first point. Passion is the absolute necessity to excel in this field. Not a high salary-driven mind or a casual liking for design will be enough. Before proceeding further, ask yourself if designing is something you want to keep doing for years to come. It would also help if you have on-the-go learning and never give up attitude to be successful.

  • Examine Various Streams

Many of you might be unaware of the plethora of options that exist in the field of design. It is not only limited to canvas, paint brushes, and paper craft but also extends to high-functioning software used for graphic designing and technical designs like car surface styling courses, visual communication courses, attractive architecture programs, and even aesthetic furniture courses. You must also note that design course fees in India vary for different streams and colleges.

  • College, Curriculum, And Criteria

Once you are sure about the stream you want to pursue, the next big question stands: Which college will be the best? If you are in Mumbai or open to this location, then some of the few design colleges in Mumbai: École Intuit Lab, Sir, J.J. College Of Fine Arts, and IIT Mumbai, can be good options. 


They offer courses like Bachelor’s, Post Graduate, and Master’s Degree. The Visual communication undergraduate course provided by École Intuit Lab and other Digital Design Courses are gaining popularity. Some of these institutes give admissions based on your Class 12th mark sheet, while some conduct entrance tests like IITs conduct UCEED and CEED.

  • Fees Structure

As mentioned earlier, design course fees in India for various colleges and courses may differ. Various factors like the curriculum, subjects offered, college reputation, additional opportunities, campus placement, etc., must justify the cost of the course.


To identify the best college, draft a comparison table with the college name, course, and annual fee as the headers. Now, fill in the columns, and choose the best college that fits your budget and interest criteria.

  • Future Job Opportunities

From working with top designers and brand names to being an art teacher or starting your own creative business, there are numerous career options for design graduates. Also, at present, creativity is something that cannot be surpassed by AI or automation. Instead, they complement each other. So, with the digital revolution, design opportunities may only skyrocket.


Identify your passion & learn from the best!

When choosing a career, we understand that confusion and stress are elevated. But now, with all the guidance at your disposal, move forward and chase your dream of becoming a painter, architect, sculpturist, creative artist, product developer, designer, or even a fashion icon. The opportunities are endless!

That said, École Intuit Lab— a design college in Mumbai, is a French institute of design, digital, and strategy. It has degrees that can help a beginner understand design to advanced degrees that can help a skilled person upskill and increase their exposure in the design world.