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Wings of Design

Birds have been a major influence on modern design. They’ve played a large role in art and design throughout history, from the earliest cave paintings to modern design.

Birds have been an important influence on modern design for years. They are often used as a symbol of freedom and nature, but they can also be used to represent transformation, flight and the sky.

Birds have played a large role in art and design throughout history. The use of birds in art and design is not limited to the Western world, though. Some of the earliest examples include Egyptian hieroglyphs (c. 3200 BCE), which depict birds with human heads; Chinese calligraphy, which dates back to early Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE); Japanese poems about birds written by poets including Bashō (1644-1694) and Kakinomoto no Hitomaro (1185–1265).

Additionally, many ancient civilizations have incorporated birds into their myths or stories—such as Greek mythology featuring Pegasus as one of its main characters who protects Hera from being spurned by Zeus; Native Americans telling stories about talking animals such as Coyote or Eagleman; Middle Eastern cultures telling tales about flightless birds called Rukh that fly through Heavens above Earth; African tribes teaching children how to fly like an eagle before they reach adulthood so they can join up with other members at puberty ceremony when they turn thirteen years old!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the history of birds in art and design. We’re excited to see how future artists will use birds in their work, and we hope you were inspired by these examples!