Everything You Need To Know About Becoming a Digital Product Manager

Let’s begin by asking you a larger-than-life question.

Do you consider yourself a visionary?

No, we don’t mean this in a philosophical, mind-bending, or out-of-this-world way, but in a pragmatic sense.

Can you deliver a final digital product or a service that started as a nascent idea in your head? Can you oversee its developmental process through every step of the way until it is finally delivered to the public?

Then you are cut out to be a Digital Product Manager.

Prerequisite Skills

• Strategic Thinker
• Background in Design Thinking
• Understanding Business
• Creative and Critical Thinker
• Communication Skills
• Idea about prototyping


• Axure
• Figma
• Sketch
• InVision Studio
• Coda
• Aha!

Salary Range

20,000 to 1,00,000 INR

Work in:

• Digital Marketing
• Software companies
• Advertising agencies
• Engineering companies
• Marketing
• Entrepreneurship
• Freelance

Career Wayforward

•Junior Designer → Mid Level Designer → Digital Product Manager
→ Senior Digital Product Manager → Lead Digital Product Manager
• Junior Engineer → Mid Level Engineer → Digital Product Manager
→ Senior Digital Product Manager → Lead Digital Product Manager
• Junior Product Manager → Mid Level Product Manager → Senior Digital Product Manager → Lead Digital Product Manager
• Freelancer

Digital Product Managers are the crucial links that tie in all the major components of any digital product

Digital Product Managers are required to oversee the growth and development of a digital product from various different angles and scenarios.

This includes handling designers, developers, sales personnel, marketing personnel, etc. This showcases how integral they are when it comes to the holistic development of a product.

What does a Digital Product Manager do?
In recent times, the role of a Digital Product Manager has gone beyond just managing and running apps. They have crossed into the realms of monitoring and refining the entire lifecycle of a digital product.

Starting from its inception, its development, its launch into the market and also taking it beyond for further business opportunities and profits.


What are the skills required to become a Digital Product Manager?
Digital Product Managers need to be really good strategic thinkers. This is crucial since a strategic bent of mind is required to achieve business goals. This also means that a good sense of business understanding, along with research and analysis skills, has to be there as well.

Along with such core skills, strong communication skills are equally important for digital product managers. This helps in effective collaboration with members of the team while brainstorming and finalising decisions.


Where do Digital Product Managers get employed?
Digital product managers are employed by digital marketing agencies, software companies, UI/UX agencies, advertising firms, marketing companies, engineering firms, and many more.


What is the career scope of Digital Product Managers?
With the digital marketplace expanding faster than ever before (accelerated even more due to the COVID pandemic), digital product managers are in high demand across multiple industries.

Every workplace needs a project manager, a leader, and a problem solver. Hence, good digital product managers will always be required by organisations for the smooth functioning of their projects. Hence, digital product managers have the opportunity to become CEOs and COOs of companies or be successful entrepreneurs in their own businesses.

Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details.
Jeff Bezos