Everything You Need To Know About Becoming a Game Designer

Have you ever overspent hours, days, and nights playing on your gaming console or computer? To the point where you may have forgotten what time it was?

Do you recall what drew you in? Was it just the visuals? Or the plot line? Or was it the entire gaming experience?

If your answer is the entire gaming experience, then becoming a game designer could be your calling.

Prerequisite Skills

• Strong IT skills
• Background in Graphic Design
• Idea of programming languages
• Storytelling
• Critical Thinking
• Collaboration Skills
• Effective Communication Skills


• Unity
• GameMaker Studio 2
• Unreal Engine
• Nuclino

Salary Range

31,000 to 72,000 INR

Work in:

• Gaming Studios
• 3D Firms
• Advertising agencies
• Freelance
• Software Firms

Career Wayforward

• Junior Game Designer → Mid Level • Game Designer → Senior Game Designer
• Senior Game Designer → Lead Game Designer
• Freelancer

Game designers are responsible for creating the core framework of any game

This alludes to the fact that it’s the game designer who sets down the ground rules for the game. From how the game’s going to start, how long it will run, and when it will end.

All such integral and crucial criteria are taken into consideration by game designers.

What does a Game Designer do?
A game designer is solely responsible for outlining the game’s overall vision. This entails being heavily involved in plot development, visual aesthetics, character development, and much more.

Along with the creative side of things, game designers also take part in building the games’ mechanics. It involves working on systems that create an expandable and comfortable user experience.

Game designers also have to be team players and coordinate with programmers, artists, testers, and animators to bring their vision to life.


What are the skills required to become a Game Designer?
To become an efficient game designer, one has to master certain hard and soft skills, which are extremely important for the nature of the work one is about to enter into.

Some important hard skills include having strong IT skills. These include an idea of programming languages, knowledge of game hardware, and graphic design. Such skills will help one develop the technical aspect of the video game.

Since game designers need to collaborate with other team members quite often, having great communication skills is essential. Critical thinking, a knack for storytelling, and creativity are also required.


Where do Game Designers get employed?
Game designers can get employed at gaming studios within the gaming industry.

Outside of the game industry, they can work in software companies, marketing firms, and advertising agencies to help out with the promotion of marketing campaigns. They can also be integrated into 3D firms for modelling purposes.


What is the career scope of a Game Designer?
With the expansion of multimedia platforms, game design has only spread its wings further. Along with the mainstay of computer and console gaming, the advent of mobile gaming has created even more job opportunities in the marketplace.

This expansion of the game industry has only solidified the demand for game designers all across the board. Game designers are needed in the gaming industry and also outside of it for multiple purposes. Whether for large-sized gaming firms or mid-sized gaming firms, the growth in gaming multi-media channels will only propel the need for game designers to greater heights.

The Game gives you a Purpose. The Real Game is, to Find a Purpose.
Vineet Raj Kapoor