Everything You Need To Know About A Concept Artist

Bring your fantasy world to life. Design creatures, characters, and environment for video games, movies, and digital entertainment.

However, being a concept artist is not limited to just bringing life to the concepts or designs but also getting hands-on experience to communicate with the clients from major industries.

Prerequisite Skills

• Creative mind • Artistry
• Storytelling ability • Proficient in sketching • Interpretation Ability


• Photoshop • Maya
• 3DS Max Design • ZBrush And more

Salary Range

20,000 to 80,000 INR

Work in:

• Animation Studios
• Game Design Studios
• Film and Television Studios
• Advertising Agencies
• IT Industry
• Publishing Companies

Career Wayforward

• Junior Concept Artist → Senior/Principal Concept Artist
• Freelancer

Think about turning your imagination into reality - does it not sound fascinating?

Well, a concept artist does the same, adding life to the concepts or imagination. Concept art has now evolved to an extent where every industry has its implementation in one way or the other. 

Look through the article to understand the work of a concept artist, the skills required, and its career prospect. 

What does a concept artist do?

A concept artist applies their artistic skills to curate the images of a character, creatures, and environment. Their responsibilities include drawing characters, buildings, vehicles, environments, creating 2D or 3D designs, understanding the brief, communicating with the clients, and staying updated with the latest software applications. 


What skills are required to become a concept artist?

A basic understanding of elements in arts such as composition, perspective, colour theory, forms, shapes, and more, is helpful. Excellent researching and communication skills are needed to sketch and design images or characters. Some technical skills such as programming and creative software usage are required as well. 

These skills could be developed through a degree/diploma in programmes such as game art, graphic design, illustrations, fine arts, and more. It’s an added benefit to having a degree before pursuing a career in concept art. However, it’s not necessary. 


Where do concept artists get employed?

Concept artists are majorly employed in the gaming industries across the world. However, you can also spot various concept artists working in the entertainment industry, PR and advertising agencies, creative studios, the IT industry, publishing houses, and more. 


What is the career scope of a concept artist?

A concept artist begins their career with a junior creative person. Eventually, with experience, they are promoted to the position of a junior concept artist where they are required to work on concept artwork. The profile offers them exposure, networking, and an opportunity to upskill themselves. 

As time progresses with their diversified skills and experience, they can become a lead/principal concept artist that involves responsibilities at a management level. It’s during this time that a concept artist can also mentor their junior or subordinates. 

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