Reflect and Present – My journey as a Graphic Designer


It’s not just about a journey of a student completing his or her education with us. It’s about reflecting on the journey from the start to their path as they achieve their milestones with the education and exposure we offer at École Intuit Lab. 

Our DNA is to give a platform for the student to soar high in their field of expertise keeping the current trends in mind and being a shoulder to shoulder with the industry. 

We bring you Alumni Speaks a series of journeys of our students on how they started their career and what inspires them to achieve it and of course we bring you their world-class work for you to be inspired. 

One such journey we bring to you is our alumni – Tvesha Shah who was studying to become a chartered accountant but had her heart in the design. Read on her journey on how she took the first step forward. 

Click Here to read her Journey – Tvesha’s Journey – Reflect and Present