RNCP : More than just a Degree

Is having a degree enough?



In today’s world, it’s not about having any degree; what matters is the degree’s credibility. At Ecole Intuit Lab we ensure that our students and their work is accredited from the best institutions worldwide such as RNCP, a French Competence Certification. 

Wondering what RNCP is? How does it help? What is the full-form of RNCP? Find an answer to all your questions below!

Q.  What is RNCP?

A. RNCP or the new term as it’s called is French Competence certification that was created with the aim of improving the efficiency of vocational training and apprenticeship. Having a Diploma that is RNCP certified indicates that you have accomplished a high level of skill training and are ready for employment that meets the industry standards. 


Q. What does RNCP stand for?

A. RNCP stands for  “Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles” in French. When translated, it means theNational Directory of Professional Certifications’


Q.  What are the RNCP Levels and what is the highest level one can achieve?

A. The level of the degree or masters determines that you can complete a certain section of the tasks. When you apply for a job the France competence justifies your skill sets for the job that you’re applying for. The highest RNCP Level that can be achieved is Level 7. Every student at Ecole Intuit Lab graduates with Level 7 certification.


Q. Where is the RNCP recognized?

A. All degrees registered in the RNCP are fully recognized by the French government. The RNCP is the central reference framework for all diplomas, qualifications, and titles by the French State.


Q. Why is the RNCP important?

A. The RNCP is important from a perspective of that which determines not only the quality of the academic programme but also on the knowledge, skills, and competencies which are transmitted and evaluated. The accreditation body (CNCP) assesses the necessity of qualifications needed in the job market, the relevance of the skills for various professions, and the capacity of the degree-delivering institution to keep its programmes updated. 


Q. How does having an RNCP certified Diploma help me as a student? 

A. The RNCP demonstrates not only that the graduates of the programme are employable but also that they are in employment as the accrediting body certifies that at least three-quarters of the graduates actually work in the professional field covered by the qualification.


Q. What if I wish to apply for a job outside of France, would my RNCP level matter? 

A. As of 1st July 2020, The European Commission has launched the Europass System which would include a series of tools and information to learners, workers, and job seekers in the European Union. It helps to showcase the skill sets to employers in a clear and logical manner. France Competences / RNCP is a part of the Euro Pass thus allowing the gateway to not just France but the European Union as well. 


Q. Is my degree at Ecole Intuit Lab India accredited by the RNCP? 

A. Yes, it is. Every Ecole Intuit Lab student , whether pursuing any of our Undergraduate or Postgraduate programmes will be RNCP Level 7 certified. 


Q. Where can I find more information on the RNCP / France Competence? 

A.You can visit the website – of France Competences Or you can speak to our education counselors about the same.