Workshop || BLITZKRIEG 2017


In a world that’s constantly moving and changing, it is important that we stay hydrated in order to keep our best foot forward. Teams (groups of 3) will have to design a soda/energy drink and its packaging (soda can) keeping in mind the personality of the icon assigned to them. The most creative drink along with its packaging will be awarded the highest points.

This activity not only challenges the participants’ design skills, but also gives a lot of importance to the creative thought process which they will engage in before submitting their final work.

Participants will have to submit a PDF of their concept and final design. They are expected to elaborate on their thought process in detail, as that will be taken into account while scoring them. Each team will submit 2 A3 sized pages digitally.

The first page will be divided into 4 sections:
1. The Icon
Keeping in mind the Icon, participants must list out the characteristics of the drink: it’s qualities, use and purpose. What kind of people the drink would be targeted at and who would their primary consumer be. They can also list out colours that stay true to the personality of the icon. 

2. Ingredients
What ingredients would you use in this drink that exemplify the personality of your Icon? The ingredients could be inspired by a particular incident in their lives, a scene from a movie they’re in, their attire or just themselves as a whole. The ingredients could be the most random and whacky substances from the Icon’s on screen or off screen lives, and need not be a generic ingredient used in drinks today.

3. The name of the drink
This is the identity you will give to your product. The name, its style, a logo; all provide a certain vibe and feel to your drink. Participants must explain how and why they decided on this name and even list out the names, or even rough sketches of its presentation, they eliminated before they finally agreed on this name and logo. A final version of the name/logo should be shown here.

4. Graphics
What imagery or graphics would be present on your packaging? What colour would they be and why. Would you use photographs? Illustrations? Computer graphics? What are you trying to convey through these visuals? It could be a particular story, or an iconic scene from their movie, or their clothes or the way the present themselves as. Remember that these graphics need to stay true to the drink that you have designed.

Participants are encouraged to present this information in the most creative way possible.

On the second page, the participants assemble all the visuals that they have prepared into a rectangle (so that it can be wrapped around a can size of their choice) and create a digital mock up of the can too. This mockup should have all the necessary information that a soda can would have in order to be placed on shelves for retail.

If the team would like, they are also encouraged to create the can and present it to the organizers on the day of the event. 

All the Best !!