Free Workshop:

Fundamentals of sketching.

Date: Friday 25th January, 2019
Time: 4.00 pm – 6:00 pm
LocationEcole intuit.lab, Mumbai.
Speaker: Akash Choudhary, Automotive Futurist and Concept Artist
Akash’s work:

Objective of the Workshop:

  • * Learn the different stages of sketching 
  • * Understand exploration sketching
  • * Make accurate perceptual drawing
  • * The difference between a 1-hr sketch, 10-minute sketch and 10 sec sketch
  • * Learn the theory of proportions and the basics of story-telling
  • * Tips and techniques applicable to traditional and digital methods
  • * Mastering skills and tools that allow you to draw an object from their imagination
  • * Develop your signature style


Items to bring along:

  • * Ball point pen (Black) – Important*
  • * A4/A3 size sheets (loose sheets preferred than sketchbooks)
  • * Coloured markers (water or alcohol based), or highlighter
  • * Fine-liners and different coloured pens
  • * Sharpie

Apart from the above items the student are encouraged to bring other mediums – different types of pens, brush pens, pencils, pastels etc.

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