Photographing the Female || Presentation by Sarah Hoilund

Talk and Presentation – Photographing the Female – Perspectives on Photography and Representation

The Mission

Photographing the Female is a global platform that uses the power of visual storytelling to explore what it means to be female today. We gather and create stories from different regions, cultures, and social contexts around the globe to help the world understand how diverse, complex, and extraordinary the female experience is today
We believe in the transformational power of visual media as a universal language that holds the potential of deep and long-lasting impact. Photographing the Female was formed on this belief aiming to raise awareness, push social agendas and build community around boundary-breaking storytelling.

Through exhibitions, workshops, collaborations, and our online platform, we create spaces for important stories to come alive and use photography as an inspirational, educational and collaborative tool available to all across borders, industries and social strata.

Photographing the Female was founded in 2016 by Danish photographer and writer Sarah Høilund with the inspiration and help of Danish fine art photographer Matilde Soes Rasmussen and Poulomi Basu, acclaimed Indian photographer and women’s rights advocate. 

Bio – Sarah Hoilund

Photographing the Female was founded in 2016 by Danish photographer, writer, and curator Sarah Høilund who mainly spends her time between Europe and India. Her multidisciplinary practice is focused on the use of art as catalyst for social awareness, especially within female empowerment. She conceptualised Photographing the Female as an international exhibition which first showed at FOCUS Photography Festival 2017 and went on to showcase in the US in the summer of 2017. The exhibition brought together 25 global voices from the field of photography worldwide showcasing important and unique perspectives on female identity and representation. The vision is now a bigger platform using multiple channels to make stories on female lives come to life.

Date: 20th December, 6.00 – 7.00pm
Venue: école intuit.lab campus, Old Prabhadevi Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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