Diploma Course on Photography

Photography Focus Programme

An Academic and Professional approach to education

Founded in 2001 by academicians and professionals from the world of creativity, design and communication, Ecole Intuit Lab is an institution that is primarily dedicated to specialties in design and is committed to cultivating a globally integrated design stability

École Intuit Lab is a French design and visual communication institute, co-founded in 2001 by Patrick Felices along with Clement Derock and Frederick Lalande.

Taking forward the idea and practise of business application in design, Intuit. Lab Paris collaborated with the advertising stalwart Ravi Deshpande to open its first international campus in Mumbai in 2011.

Ravi Deshpande is one of the most prominent creative leaders in the Indian and global advertising world. As chairman and chief creative officer he was at the helm of Contract India between 2005 to June 2013


The 1-year photography diploma is an intensive course, carefully designed for amateur photographers who want to hone their craft and pursue photography professionally. The programme spreads across 10 classes divided into three key areas, that span over 700 hours of training. In this year-long programme our faculty creates an environment of creativity, experimentation and imagination for our students.

At intuit.lab, we endeavour to guide the students into discerning artists, who are also successful professionals. Every student is given the chance to share ideas and understand opportunities in the world of photography, with the help of diverse experiences like dynamic workshops, thought provoking field assignments and sessions with industry veterans from India and abroad.

Students acquire hands-on experience with professional equipment to build their portfolio, promote it digitally and learn the exciting process of setting up their very own exhibition. Furthermore, a mandatory internship in their field of interest gives students a soft launch into the challenging world of professional photography. Some perks of the Franco-Indian network of intuit.lab, include experiences like shooting assignments in France and others are travel opportunities to national and international art festivals, museums and gallery visits with exclusive access to special collections.

Key intuit.lab associations:

Photography Institutions: FOCUS Festival Mumbai, Delhi Photo Festival, Jaipur Travel Photo Festival, Asia Photography Archive, Goa Centre for Alternative Photography and BIND

Magazines: Conde Nast, Oogan, Spenta, Verve, Better Photography, Platform,

National Geographic.

Newspapers: Times of India and Indian Express  



  • History of photography

This subject will delve in the history of photography from the time before its invention, till the present. It will also discuss technological evolution and its crucial role in the contemporary representation of the society.

  • Ethics of photography | Semiotics

The course will help students understand the act of ‘documenting’ and its implications today. Important issues like the history of photojournalism, photography in public spaces will be addressed through class debates and assignments. The students will understand the meaning of signs and non-verbal communication, with examples derived from art, advertising and graphic design.

  • Thinking and writing critically

This subject will focus on imbibing critical thinking in students. It will be a diverse learning experience, from mastering writing and analytical skills to learning how to efficiently produce images. Students will practice how to build an image, how to present their ideas and then develop a personal photographic flair. Students will be constantly challenged to think critically with periodic critiques and class discussions. This process is aimed at providing clarity to young artists and will ultimately lead to them finding their visual identity.


  Studio experience | Lighting fundamentals

In this subject, students will understand the nuances of working in a studio. Hands-on professional work situations will help them understand the preparation of complex studio sets and how to work with elaborate make-up, hairdressing and accessories.

Students will also be introduced to commercial photography by integrating digital post-production. Our faculty will guide them through the specifics of retouching food, beauty, jewellery, for both inside and outside the studio shoots. The class will also learn how to master the use of natural / artificial lighting, using professional equipment.

– Digital | Analog

This class will focus on the fundamentals of the digital dark room offered through a course in digital imaging skills, including an introduction to Photoshop, design of layouts, digital image management and retouching techniques with a software called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It is imperative for the students to understand the role of technology in contemporary photography. Therefore, special attention will be given to technical crafts by focussing on the array of input, editing and output options.

Along with this, students will learn the evergreen ways of photography. They will learn about the history of analog shooting, printing techniques, film processing and the experience in a dark room.

  • Practices

Knowledge is useless if you don’t know what it’s applications are. The students must understand the multiple applications of commercial photography to excel in their professional lives. At intuit.lab, they get a chance to do this through a series of workshops conducted by visiting renowned professionals in the fields of: advertising, fine art, fashion, photojournalism, portrait, travel, architecture, nature, sports, food and more.

  • Design

With an aim to build a seamless connection between photography and design, students will be exposed to essential design principles such as digital design, branding, graphic design, advertising and marketing, all in application with image making. This parallel is in tune with the core values of intuit.lab for a 360-degree educational experience.


  • Photo editing | Media | Publishing

This class will refine the students’ understanding of the different steps of photo-reportage. Beginning from an idea to publishing the final product in a magazine / website. An introduction to writing techniques and photo editing will be given by a journalist / editor, helping the students to edit their photo stories and back their reportages with a well-structured narrative. Here, they will understand real time image and content management.

  • Promotion | Presentation

This course explores the wide possibilities of digital and physical display of photography. They first learn how to build, maintain and promote a website, and the practical use of social media. They will also learn how to manage their own image stock and monetise it. This will finally prepare them to build an artistic portfolio and lead them to curating a professional gallery exhibition.

  • Business of photography

The students will get an overview of the real world of photography. They will understand the profession, market, legislation, marketing and financial management in the field of photography. Students will deepen their knowledge in the domains of image management and publication, presented from the point of view of independent photographers, photo-agencies and image banks. They will get an overview of the roles of art directors and photo agents as well as picture researchers or image buyers, working for publishing houses and advertising agencies. For better preparedness into the world of photography, this course will strengthen the fundamentals of budget making and project management of our students.



Students who are pursuing a graduation degree or have completed an undergraduate degree / diploma, with 12+3 years of education in any discipline, are eligible to apply.

We also welcome applications from candidates who have not received formal education or do not have valid qualifications. All they need to do is, showcase their creativity.

Selection process

Subject to a personal interview and portfolio evaluation the student can join one of our institute

Our Diploma in Photography students will be polished by the faculty into fine artists, by the end of this programme. They will flourish in professional roles of their choice such as: professional photographer, fine art photographer, studio photographer, photo-editor, photo technician, photo agent, photography consultant.