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École intuit.lab will help you to find a flat with its network of specialised real estate agents.

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As a student of École intuit.lab, you will be entitle for discount on Apple Macbook Pro.

Nos bons plans
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CO-OP Graphic Design


Creative education in India is usually carried out in one traditional format. First students have to go through an uninterrupted period of classes and lectures. Only after which they get a taste of professional life during their internships or directly in their jobs, once they are done with the course.
In an effort to bridge the gap that separates college education from real-world experience, intuit.lab has
come up with the Co-op Professional Programme.

A unique creative course where students will learn how to work like professionals, by alternating between classroom projects and agency stints throughout the year. While embracing their dual roles of intuit.lab student and agency professional, everyone part of this course will get the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Thus this programme will be an enriching experience for them, where they adapt swiftly, evolve quickly and come out industry ready.


  • Agency : Students first begin with a 3-week stint at a creative agency.
  • Seminar : Then they come back to the intuit.lab premises where they spend a week attending seminars and making presentations pertaining to their creative field. After which, the students go back to their respective agencies and the cycle continues in this manner.
  • BDP : While moving to and fro between intuit.lab and their agency, students have to continue working on their personal project, formally called their Brand Design Project (BDP).